Bay of Fundy Tides and Annapolis Valley

8 to 9 hours

The Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia's agricultural heartland, is the birthplace of Acadia. The history of the Acadians in North America dates back to the French settlement of Port Royal in 1604. The history and culture of the region are intimately tied to the Bay of Fundy and its record-breaking tides. Our interpretive tour provides unique insight into the relationships between the culture, nature and history of the region while taking you on a voyage through some of the most dramatic coastal landscapes in the world.

Tour highlights:

Windsor: The Fundy tidal zone is one of the world's most significant feeding grounds for shorebirds during their annual migration from the Arctic to South America. Here we also discover the relationship between the tides, the marshes and the foundation of Acadian culture in the region.

Grand Pré: An Acadian village occupied this site from 1675 until the expulsion of the Acadians in 1755. Here we learn the story of the Acadians and the role of the marshlands in their lifestyle. A statue of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's epic heroine Evangeline stands near the commemorative chapel. The Acadians built the first dykes over 300 years ago; today, over 3000 acres of farmland lie below sea level.

Wolfville: This charming town was settled by the New England Planters in the 1760s and grew with the arrival of Loyalists. Superb architecture can be seen on almost every street corner of this distinctly Victorian town. A variety of establishments offer lunches to suit many tastes.

North Mountain & Blomidon Lookoff: Cape Blomidon is an ancient volcanic ridge that dates back to the dinosaur age. Learn how this feature has influenced the tides and lives of those who live in its wake.

Hall's Harbour: Spectacular views abound as we cross the North Mountain to this picturesque fishing village nestled in the volcanic cliffs of the Fundy coast. We can see first hand the influence of the sea on daily life as local fishing boats sit on the seabed waiting for the tide to come in. Learn about local geology as we search for semiprecious gems, such as agate, jasper and amethyst, embedded in the eroded seaside cliffs.

Kentville: With a population of 5,506, Kentville is the proud home of the Pumpkin People Festival every fall. Keep a particular eye out for the fire hydrants.

Tides on the Bay of Fundy: Because tide times change daily, the itinerary is adjusted to give the best possible viewing. Early or late tidal changes may not be seen on some days.

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