Molega Tours of Atlantic Canada (2001) Limited History

Molega Tours was started in 1992 by a young German couple, interested in exploring the wilderness of Nova Scotia. As part of their operation, they provided private tours for small groups and van charters for German groups arriving at Halifax International Airport.

In 2001, after several name changes, Molega Tours of Atlantic Canada (2001) Limited was formed and in May the company was purchased by Marie Malloy. Quickly the company went though some major changes, including the purchase of a second touring van. Additional wording was added to the charter license so that the company could provide service any where in Atlantic Canada. With the changes, came a renewed focus on providing transportation and tourism services for a wider range of clients.

Vehicle charters for several bicycle tour companies, cruise line tour operators and staff transfers for ship agents, allowed Molega Tours to grow and expand. With improved advertising came the opportunity to provide private tours for small groups visiting the four provinces of Atlantic Canada. This included route planning and reservations for as little as two hours or fourteen days.

2002 marked another change for Molega Tours. The company was given the contract to provide passenger transfers plus pre and post cruise tours for Clipper Cruise Line in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This was an opportunity for the company to do its first cruise line work directly. It was a hectic but successful three days and Clipper rewarded Molega with the 2003 contract.

The German cruise lines opened to Molega Tours in the spring of 2003 as the company provided shore excursions for the Transocean Tours' ship "Astor" in Halifax and St. John's and then went on to six other ports with Hapag-Lloyd's premium cruise liner "MS Hanseatic."

Since May of 2001, Marie Malloy has lead the company. Using her Twenty-three years experience as a tour guide and escort plus five years experience as a tour co-ordinator for the cruise line market means that she personally knows what it takes to look after the cruise industry.

In November of 2002, Marie was joined by John Furzeland. He brings Twenty-one years of experience in the tourism industry, which includes driving tour vans and coaches, training and providing guide services and managing both tour and bus companies. For eight years he developed, marketed and co-ordinated shore excursions for a company based in Halifax.

In March of 2004, Molega Tours purchased it's first touring coach.  Known as the Pink Lady, it has been a hit with all groups that have chartered her.  In April of 2007, the Pink Lady was joined by a 56 passenger H3-45 Prevost Coach.  The transportation side of the company is now complete with all sizes.  Molega Tours is in the process of Modernizing the fleet.  Molega Tours now has the youngest van fleet in the Province.

In the sping of 2011, Molega Tours added a 20/24 passenger Mini-bus to the fleet.  This vehicle built in 2011 will be the first brand new vehicle to the fleet and will be joined in the fall of 2012 by a replacement for the 28 passenger coach as part of the modernizing of the fleet.  The 20 passenger with luggage room or 24 passenger will all seating will give advance viewing over the vans for touring.

In January 2013 Molega Tours fleet was most destoryed by fire.  Molega Tours as of May 24, 2014 has 80% of it fleet back in operator and looks today that Molega Tours is ready for the challenges of the future. Vehicle charters, private tours, guide service, tour directors, and shore excursions for cruise liners are just a selection of the services that the company is ready, willing and able to provide.

May 2015 marks the 20th year in the transportation business.  

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