Sydney - Baddeck and Cape Breton Highlands

4 hours

Tour highlights:

Sydney: Founded in 1758 by Col. J. F. W. Des Barres, Sydney was first settled by loyalists from New York State. Immigrants from the Scottish Highlands followed 20 years later and added much of the Scottish flavour we see today. Sydney boomed at the turn of the century with the building of the Dominion Steel and Coal Company plant at Whitney Pier.

Kelly's Mountain: Saint Anne's Gut: The lookoff after the climb over Kelly's Mountain looks down on Saint Anne's Gut and towards Cape Smokey on the Cabot Trail.

Baddeck: Alexander Graham Bell Museum: This spectacular museum holds the world's most comprehensive collection of Alexander Graham Bell's scientific and humanitarian achievements. The site displays hundreds of original artefacts and personal mementoes as well as photographs that tell the fascinating story of the man himself.

Kelly's Mountain: Big Bras d'Or: This lookoff offers a great view of Big Bras d'Or and Big Bras d'Or Bridge.

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